Our competitive and ever expanding golf store offers a choice of all the leading brands in clubs, hardware, clothing and footwear.

Free impartial expert professional advice allied to competitive pricing means you can be guaranteed getting the best advice, service and price for all your equipment needs.

We stock all major brands including Ping, Taylor Made, Wilson, Under Armour and many more.

Combine our product range with our Trackman launch monitor fitting and you can rest assured of looking good and playing with equipment best suited to build and technique'

Poorly fitted golf equipment can have a negative impact on your game, reducing the distance you hit the ball and affecting accuracy.

The Peformance Fitting Studio is equipt with the latest Trackman 4 technology. Using dual radar technology, your LGC expert club fitter can interpret and analyse real ball data and fit each individual golfer for the correct shaft and head combination to suit your physique and swing.

Customising your clubs is one of the key factors to improving your game. We can fit you for a huge range of clubs from all leading brands and can help select the equipment you require to vastly improve your performance.

Our Custom Fitting Services Include:

• Iron Fitting
• Driver Fitting
• Club Distance Gapping
• Loft and Lie
• Iron, Wood and Putter Regripping


• Greater Accuracy
• Increased Distance
• Better Control & Better Shot Making
• Improved Consistency
• Lower Scoring = More Enjoyment

What Happens At A Performance Fitting?

We will evaluate your current clubs by undertaking a shaft analysis and measuring carry, distance, spin, axis and trajectory. We will also use Trackman 4 to interpret and analyse real ball data. Your LGC expert club fitter will use this information to fit you for the the correct shaft and head combination to suit your physique and swing. You can then try out different head and shaft combinations from leading manufacturers to ensure you are fitted to your exact needs.

We record your shots launch angle, spin rates, face angles, ball speed, shot dispersion and consistency from a choice of different club specs. Statistics are then compared against each other to establish the best fit providing you with the most powerful and accurate clubs for your swing and skill level.

Everyone is built differently and performs a unique swing so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, properly fitted clubs will enhance your game helping you hit the ball further and with more accuracy which almost always results in a reduction of your handicap.

Our Fitting Service will ensure your clubs fit according to your unique playing characteristics and build. We will trial with clubs from leading manufactures to ensure you are fitted to your exact needs.



At Liverpool Golf Club Fitting Centre we also call it TrackMan’s heart as all insights derive from here. It is the very foundation on which all analysis and performance enhancing software are developed; pure, precise, and reliable data that allows you to dissect and understand the DNA of any given swing.

This is why all the leaders of the game trust and use this data.

With us, you will discover the importance and advantage of receiving instant and actionable feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing. Join the leaders and start unleashing your potential!




At Liverpool Golf Club Fitting Centre, our suite of Performance Enhancing Software has been developed in close collaboration with the world’s leading coaches and players.
Furthermore, the powerful combination of data, video, and overlay graphics has become an indispensable power feature that speeds up the learning curve of any player.

Add loads of up-to-date tour player swing video plus data and you have the most sophisticated toolbox available to unleash potential.You also have access to TrackMan’s exclusive tour stats from both the PGA and LPGA Tours.


It’s basically microwaves reflecting from a moving golf club and golf ball. The change in frequency of these waves is what makes it possible for us to track what happens at the very moment of impact between club and ball.

TrackMan has a long history of working with golf radar technology. The company was established in 2003 with the sole purpose of helping golf professionals understand more about this critical moment in time. The TrackMan golf radar not only helps map these key data parameters - ball speed, attack angle, club path, face angle, etc. - it also captures the golf swing with a built-in HD video camera or with the use of external cameras.


Radar technology (also called a portable golf launch monitor or swing analyzer) is an integral part of the golf instruction today. Whether it is used for golf swing lessons, analysis, or club fitting, the golf radar and software are suited to be used by professional trainers, coaches, and players; as well as golf beginners. Our software offers games and other practice applications through the laptop or mobile version.